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Bio-medical Transfer Facilities

Bioplois 2004

Industrial Vacuum Design has installed clean bedding and waste bedding transfer systems in Australia and Singapore.

We can provide and install the complete small animal transfer system or only the required sections.

Clean bedding

The bags of clean bedding are discharged into a small dump tank and then transported through stainless steel pipes to a collector in or above the clean room.

The clean bedding can then be discharged, in the correct quantity, into the small animal cage.

This process is dust free and an efficient method to add bedding to the cages.

The cages can be processed at up to 600 per hour.

Waste Bedding

The dirty cages are emptied into a stainless steel container.

A vacuum source at the base of the container removes the waste product quickly and efficiently.

The waste product is transported outside the clean room to a waste bin for easy disposal.

This process eliminates most of the odour from the waste disposal process and provides the operators with an efficient method of waste disposal.

The small animal waste can be processed at up to 600 cages per hour.