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Car Wash Vacuum Systems

Car Wash Gladesville & Blakehurst

Our range of vacuum systems is ideal for the car wash industry.

Powerful performance and durability mean our vacuum systems are ideally suited to commercial use in full-service car wash cafes or fleet vehicle cleaning applications.

Vacuum pumps are continuously rated to provide reliable and quiet suction.

There is virtually no maintenance required.

Because the power plant is located away from the work area, operators only have the slight air noise at the end of the vacuum hose to contend with.

Coin Car Wash Units

The large waste collection bin only requires weekly emptying.

There are a number of different models to choose from.

All vacuum systems provide exceptional suction to allow the operators to clean the cars quickly and thoroughly.

Coin Car WashOur stainless steel inlet valves are designed to allow the vacuum system to operate at maximum efficiency and to effectively control noise in the work area.

The inlet valve incorporates a support bracket for the vacuum hose.

When the hose is removed from the support bracket, the inlet valve automatically opens and the operator can clean the vehicle.

Returning the hose, to the support bracket, automatically closes the inlet.

This arrangement provides a safer and tidier working environment for the operators.

Industrial Vacuum Design can also provide vacuum systems to clean buses and other large vehicles

For other commercial car wash accessories and equipment, see CK Direct.